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We told you something special was going on behind the scenes and here it is.


Our PLATINUM package, a package which gives you everything we can think of that you need under one roof. It almost gives you full permission to come into our showrooms and choose ANYTHING you want, or show us your pinterest ideas board and we can help create it !... How Exciting!




You want elaborate floral centerpieces - you can!

You want swanky crossback oak chairs - you can!

You want something bespoke - You can! (within reason)


This package CANNOT be booked online , as it requires an in depth longer appointment to discuss. These will be limited to ONE booking per day.


Established 2013

The people who you have an appointment with will be the people who dress your big day

We are attached to our emails 18 hours a day , you will always get a speedy response

Lay by scheme available with a small deposit and regular monthly payments

Fully insured

Showroom appointments available

We do NOT offer pay in full discounts - just a small upfront deposit